2019 NBA Draft Review: Denver Nuggets

Although the Denver Nuggets was the surprise team of last season with a 54-28 record, the Nuggets seemed to be missing that extra oomph to put them over in the playoffs as they were bounced from the NBA Western Conference Semifinals at home in Game 7 against the Portland Trail Blazers.  Let’s see if Denver is ready to take that next step in order to become a title contender this season.

44. Bol Bol, C, Oregon.  7’3″, 208 lbs.  (21.0 ppg, 9.6 rpg, 2.3 bpg, 56.1% FG%, 52.0 3-pt FG%)

Bol Bol dropped to the middle of the second round after suffering a broken foot in his only season in college.  The Nuggets are looking to have Bol sit out for the entire season so that his foot can be fully healed and that he can add bulk and strength to his frame.  

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Although he only played nine games at Oregon, his skill set is so unique that he was almost guaranteed to be a first-round pick.  However, teams balked on picking him early due to his injury history.  Denver was willing to take the risk because he has the potential to one day become an NBA superstar.  Although he is 7’3″, his game is strictly on the perimeter from long-range because his shot is virtually impossible to block.

This draft is the second draft in a row in which the grade will be incomplete.  Bol will definitely have to put in the work in order to develop from the sidelines this upcoming season.  Denver is becoming known for looking to develop a star as Michael Porter, Jr. sat out the entire year while rehabbing a hip injury.  However, Porter, Jr. was injured again right before the NBA Summer League.  Nevertheless, the Nuggets can take these risks because their roster could possibly have the most depth in the NBA.


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