Workout 9.14.21

Tuesday, 9.14.21

At 9:45am, I drove off to the Metro gym. I went upstairs to the classes room to notice that the Silversneakers class was very full. So, I went back downstairs to do my own workout.

I went on the treadmill to walk a video trail. There are only two video trails, both taking place in Maui, Hawaii. I chose the Hana Run trail, which is on a volcano in Maui. Information about this trail would pop up on the screen, but I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses. I only read parts of it. I noticed Hamoa Beach, many waterfalls, lava cave for swimming, tropical plants and greenery, a human walking his dog, banana bread stand, many parks, and basically Hawaii’s national park for hiking and swimming. I finished the 2.33 mile trail in 35 minutes, burning 379 calories.

Then, I went on the stationary bicycle for 34 minutes. 

Then, I went into the steam room to steam my face. I should have brought my mud mask. I could have done my facial at the gym. I sat in the sauna for a while. People would come in an out of the sauna and steam room. It’s by the laps pool.

At noon, I decided to leave. 

I returned home and made my nutrition filled salad—leafy greens, chopped tomato pieces, chopped Persian cucumber pieces, chopped onion pieces, chopped strawberries, some blueberries, nuts, and seeds. It was juicy, crunchy, and filling. Then, I made some french hot chocolate, with vegan milk and vegan whipped cream.

I took out a cantaloupe peel, and some chopped tips of my strawberries, and veggies and cantaloupe seeds for the squirrels. I placed it on the ledge wall. I heard a noise on the pine tree. I went to it, and finally saw the squirrel staring right at me, trying to tell me something. I think he saw me leave the food scraps, and he said, “Thanks.” I pointed to the scraps on the wall ledge. He went on climbling the pine tree excitedly. I think he has a family now, maybe a couple of kids. He will probably pick it up later in the evening.

At 6:30pm, I have another walking meetup, but in my neighborhood at the University. That is probably another 5 miles. 

I added a snapshot from August of squirrel in my back area, enjoying an avocado pit and apple core.


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