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Will the World End in 5079? Prediction’s that’s proved true !

Baba Vanga, a specialist of mysterious and secret science, was from Bulgaria, she prophesied in late 1990’s in which Brexit include (Britain Separation from EU ) and 9/11 attack on World Trade Center was also predicted as well and about the rise of ISIS and other historical events as well as previously mentioned correctly.

We all know that the prediction of Baba Vanga on the attack on the American Twin towers was proved true and this incident proved to be an important and incredible event of global terrorism, which has unbelievable impact on the whole world.

When the Bulgarian woman named Baba Vanga passed away in the age of 86 years, So even before she had predicted it that what important and incredible changes are coming to us forever in this world, and one of the important and big change in these prediction is 2164. In which she had told that during that time the condition of animals would change to that extent that they would become half-human and half animals even human will not be human complete and he will be become half animal. Nothing can be said about this prediction whether it would be true or not , because there is a lot of time left for 2164.

At the same time Baba Vanga also gave another wonderful prophecy regarding reference to 2288,In which the blind woman had told that during this time, the journey of the time travel, past and future, will make it easier and easier. According to her sayings, man will know about the time ahead and the than a man will step forward to take measure for it. Of course, both of these predictions, both human and half-animal predictions and time travels are very important in its place, and if true, their eyes will not be closed anyhow, whatever effects they have on this world.


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