Where have all the UFOs gone?

Apparently UFO signings have started to fall sharply around the world since 2014, dropping 57%! They first surfaced in the 1940s with the advent of television and the space race as movies and TV reflected the brave new world and Cold War tensions.  People suddenly started reporting UFOs in the sky from then on in. Before the 1940s there were very few UFO reports of any sort in history. This new thing called TV was very powerful influencing people.

Clearly there is life out there in the universe but it’s probably not been here on Earth. YouTube, social media and the like gave the believers a new platform to exaggerate their signings and abductions of those phenomena with obvious fakery. The days of wobbly 35 mm films of the saucers were over. You had the kit to record this stiff much better but still the believers churned out wobbly camera stuff, stuff that still looked fake or unclear. I wonder why? Pretty much everyone has a camera phone but still no genuine sightings. Ghost sightings are also on the decline. The fact you can fake this stuff really well these days has made UFOs even more unbelievable, ironically.

I suspect the fall is to do with the type of people who get attention from insisting they saw aliens ( unemployed men between the ages of 34 and 55)  and they have moved on to other things online, internet porn and  online gaming far more involving. Chinese lanterns and drones flown at night are easy to mistaken UFOs and I guess most people have simply given up faking them or claiming to see them as it doesn’t get them attention anymore  in a world far more engaged in other stuff. I’m not saying people are sad who report UFOs in the sky but the evidence is there.


What do you think?


Written by Phillip Ellis

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