What happens after we die ?

The purpose of this article is to tell you the biological point of view, that when a person dies, so what’s happen’s to the body, because these are the question that research experts do their research based on these thing.

After few seconds :- Immediately after the death, the activity of the human brain suddenly increases, and then  expires the same activity immediately and completely .

After death immediately the physical temperature decreases by 1.6 degree Fahrenheit (0.89 degree centimeters) per hour and level to normal temperature around.

After few minutes :- Physical cells start to die due to lack of oxygen and they begin to deteriorate and broken. and the contents of these cells appear to be removed.

After Hour’s :- The muscles begin to collect calcium, as a result the dead body begins to shrink and this condition remains up to about 36 hours after death.

After that the muscles become soft once again, waste remains in the body The rest of the body are also removed. Gravity pulls this blood downwards due to no blood flow in the veins and s a result, red and white color skin become yellow and red spots appears on the whole skin.

Due to gradual drying, the skin shrink, due to which it looks as if the nails of the dead body and the hair become too long. Although there is nothing like that, but just because of skins shrinks it feels like this and look like this.

After few days :-  Two days after death, the dead body starts to worsen a terrible smell, because during this, large quantities of odorous compounds are removed from the dead body.

In the same process, bacteria (germs) severely attack on the body and finished it. Due to this, green color in the body of the dead body (inside and out) becomes particularly prominent.

After weeks :- Body insects carry on dead bodies and 60% of soft body tissues eat and digest within just a week and dead body hair starts falling within one -two week. Germs continue their work, and after three weeks of the death of a man, the skin color become purple.

After Months :- If the atmosphere around the dead body, the atmosphere temperature is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degree centigrade) So all the soft parts of the body (soft tissues) completely disappear after frosting in only four months and just bones of the body remains.

The bones of the dead body remain for long time.

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