Trump accused the superiors of NBC and CNN that they “do not need the truth”

Donald Trump again made a blog in “Twitter” with criticism of the American media, writes Wrap News. According to the publication, the president called them “enemies of the people” and said that “the truth does not matter to them.” Trump also separately “walked” on the heads of the channels NBC News and CNN, offering them to fire.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday “hit” on “Twitter” on the chairman of the board of directors of the NBC News channel Andy Lake and CNN head Jeff Zakera, “strongly advising” them to fire, reports Wrap News. According to the publication, the head of state also once again criticized the American media as a whole, accusing them of “they do not need truth” and calling them “enemies of the people” .

“What happens on CNN, occurs on different scales and on other channels, and worst of all the situation on NBC News. But there is good news – (the head of the channel – InoTV) Andy Lack will soon be fired for incompetence and for much more serious things, “ – quotes President Wrap News. “I just do not know how loud it is to say how dishonest the majority of the media are. Truth does not matter to them, for them there are only hatred and their own agenda. This includes lying books about me, which are constantly published – they always refer to anonymous sources and are a pure fiction. Enemies of the people! “– also said Trump. “The hatred and extremely biased treatment of me by CNN caused them to diminish consciousness and deprived them of the ability to function normally, ” the president continued. – But in fact, as I always said, it happened a long time ago. Toddler Jeff Z. is terribly coping with his work, he has sloppy ratings, and AT & T (conglomerate owning CNN – InoTV) should fire him to save his reputation . According to Wrap News, representatives of NBC News declined to comment on Trump’s statements, and CNN and AT & T did not respond to a request for comment.


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