Trinitaria scent

When I was creating my publication related to the flower of Trinitaria, I read a text of The Little Prince, the famous story of Saint-Exupéry, which says: “I know a planet where a very red knight lives, who never smelled a flower, nor looked at a star and never loved anyone”

I imagined a colorless being, very pale, without shine and as dry as an arid and scorched earth that needs a cool rain bath. I thought that it must have been very sad for the little prince because he was in love with a rose and, in ecstasy, for her, he looked at the stars with special admiration.

With that thought in mind, I approached a flower of Trinitaria to smell it and verified that it has almost no aroma; it has it, but it is very discreet, almost imperceptible, to grasp it it is necessary to aspire strong.

Note: The images of The Little Prince and the flowers were taken from Google.

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    • That is correpto Branka, Bugenvilija, let’s say that this is its scientific name, as it is known all over the world, but that beautiful and multi-colored flower is called with other names in different countries, here in Venezuela it is called Trinitaria.

      Thanks for your comment

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