These Scary Crosswind Landings Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Air travel is the safest way of traveling. But when some situations happen, it reminds on why some people have phobia. Despite the regular turbulence, crosswind landings are a thing to be afraid of. For the passengers it is the scariest roller coaster ride, to the pilots it is quite tough situation to handle. What happens? The captain announces an “uncomfortable” landing. Although it looks terrific, this is not a dangerous thing as the pilots are trained to handle this kind of situations. This adrenaline-boosted  bumpy ride will scare the passengers for sure.

Crosswind landings explained

Crosswind landing occurs when there are less than ideal conditions. As the plane approaches the runway, a strong wind is coming from the side of the aircraft, perpendicular to the runway center line. There are some maneuvers that should be done, that are not so pleasant for the passengers present in the cabin. And sometimes, the first time is not successful. A go-around will be made and they will try again. The pilots can make a few attempts according to the situation, before landing successfully.

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