Sunday Morning Hike at Wildlife Sanctuary

Sunday, June 30, 2019

I woke up around 7 am to get ready for a local morning hike at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Even though it is across the street from my townhomes community, I still need to drive through a narrow country roads in a marshland Adventureland maze. 

I was confused at first because I haven’t been to that side of the marsh swampy area. I usually go to the other side, moving toward the beach, usually via bicycle, and ending up at Corona Del Mar beach. 

Many people showed up, and we started our large group hike through narrow dirt pathway, sandwiched by trees, native plants, marsh, and swamp, filled with birds, butterflies, and other wildlife animals.

 It was hot and sunny but interesting. I think we walked about 4 miles through the wildlife sanctuary maze. 

Then, we had a picnic, at a picnic area. I bought my own detox food and water with apple cider vinegar. By 11:30 am, I drove home, which was nearby.

There were benches along the trail for birdwatchers and yogis.

There were many photographers with their cameras…

We arrived at the picnic area…

Everyone set up their food…

Spread your wings like a bird and fly high…

(I posted some of the photos to summarize Sunday morning’s hiking adventure). 


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