Suicided Bennington, Cornell & Whinehouse Channeled

Thursday, September 5, 2019

I checked out another video about channeling late celebrities. Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell didn’t commit suicide. They were actually shocked when they crossed over because they didn’t expect it. “They were shocked and traumatized out of their bodies.

Chester was hearing lots of conversation on earth.

Interesting…it is a mirror or reflection, when contacting the other side.

Amy Winehouse was shocked when she was murdered because she wasn’t cooperating. She was frightened about something before she died. She was trying to move into another direction.

Their death was based on some kind of manipulation from industry people. Illuminati?

Ringleader or cult leader of power cult that uses satanic rituals to control others and have things happen in a certain way. This sounds like Illuminati.

Lead singer in Irish band? U2’s Bono had some connections.

It sounds like some celebrities were involved in these murders because they are a part of the Illuminati cult as well as jealousy reasons.


What do you think?

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