Sudden Autumn Rain…

Friday, 9.24.21

I woke up early this morning, and I noticed it look gray and cold outside. But it felt warm when I took some trash I forgot about and placed it in the outdoor bin, still awaiting the WM truck. After eating my breakfast, I decided to get ready for the gym. 

I went earlier than usual at the gym. I took a hoodie sweatshirt with him because it just look like it will rain. When I arrived at the gym parking lot, the sun had come out, and it felt warm, in the 70s. So, I took off my sweatshirt and kept it inside the car. I cannot work out in a sweatshirt. I will warm up fast, even if it is cold. I did the 10am Zumba class, which was difficult because I’m not coordinated, but I just mostly moved my feet and jumped around, like when I used to take a jazz class, which I wasn’t very good at that either. I think many older women in the class noticed I’m not very coordinated, and they offered some tips. A woman in Zumba offered me a blouse because she thought I was cold and I was jumping around before the class started to warm up. I was surprised and told her I didn’t need it. 

After one hour of Zumba, I went downstairs and walked a Maui video trail, which was 30 minutes and 2 miles, in which I burned 336 calories. I was going to sit in the sauna and steamroom, but I looked up at the gym clock hanging on the wall and noticed I don’t have time in the 2-hour free parking limit. So, I left and drove home. The sun came out, and I felt very warm and tired while driving. I went straight home and took a nap. 

I woke up at 3 am and ate a bowl of salad. While making my Matcha Green Tea, I heard a weird noise outside. I opened the front door and I noticed it was thunder, lightning, and rain. Autumn has arrived. Nice. I wonder if the 6 pm walking meetup will be cancelled this evening, or the rain will stop before six. 

Southern California needs the rain…


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