Some photos of Drury – South Auckland

As you head South from Central Auckland on the motorway, after you pass Papakura and then the drive through Petrol Station and Shops, the next turn off is to Drury on the left and Waiuku on the right or else to the right Pukekohe.

Just before that you pass over a bridge and see yet another bridge with a river going 2 ways…

Turn off at Drury off ramp and keep going through the town you pass a distinctive building, a pub and keep going until you almost get to another bridge. 

It is a park in Drury and it is here I took a few snap shots. Bear in mind we are low on water in Auckland and in February it is the middle of summer.

The snap shot on the thumbnail is the bridge we just came from, the main motorway from Auckland to Drury or further south, maybe all the way to Hamilton or beyond….


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby

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