My series of photos for 17-05-2020- When the Sun kisses the sea

When the Sun kisses the sea. Have you ever had the opportunity, my friend, to watch the sunset, the sunset over the sea … This is something amazing, so great, so magical. There are moments in life, just moments that last a lifetime, like this sunset. All your life you will return to this sunset from time to time, you will remember how you stepped on the deserted beach, how you breathed every drop of sea air. You haven’t seen your sea for so long, you haven’t heard it. Even, a little bit, you started to forget this music on the waves. You are standing on the empty beach, at the very end, the waves almost touch your feet, but your gaze is fixed somewhere beyond the horizon. The sky is covered with chunks of cloud, remnants of clouds, after a long and severe storm. But little by little they give way to the sun, they give way to the element called “Sunset”. The huge red tongues of the sun lick the sky. And the lower the sun, the redder the sky.

Magic !!! The magic of nature !!!

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