My Picks For Cool Tweets About Sunflower History

I know that the sunflower has a special place in both mythology and history so I was curious to see what the search results would display when searching for those 2 words“sunflower, history” together.  The results were surprising and revealing.  I wasn’t expecting to see David Duchovny.  My son was a fan of the TV series “X-Files”.  I only watched it every now and then, so I didn’t understand the reference to sunflower seeds at all. If you want to understand it, there’s an interesting article in the Entertainment Weekly Magazine:  ‘TheX-Files’ – 1993-2002.  Frankly, even after reading the article, I still didn’t get it.  (O.o)  LOL.  There were lots of results to choose from.  The tweets below are the ones I kind of understand or at least, understood the references.  Any Grateful Dead fans out there?  What do you know about the Sunflower Movement?  I know that Florida is the Sunshine State.  But I never knew Kansas was the Sunflower State.  That fact was never mentioned in “The Wizard of Oz”.  But I know now!



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