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Is this the world biggest leg of dinosaur?

In 1998, 13 large bones were found in a large black hill mountain from South Dakota to Wyoming and it was ignored at that time. Now again, research has shown that the fossil’s is 15 million years old and long-neck vegetarian dinosaurs, belong to Sauropods.

In fact, the main reason for such a delay in research is the modern 3-D scanning which is present today but not 20 years ago. Through modern scanning it has been found that all the bones belong to  Sauropods and when they were mixed, the total length left 24 meters. It shows that it is also the longest leg of a dinosaur, which has the highest spread of the feet. The second reason is also to see the size of their dinosaurs and their type of dinosaurs too difficult. Now the whole fossils  of the Sauropods of the same generation is very easy to identify in the bone found in 1998. Initially, it can be called the largest feet of Sauropods found in the world.

Be clear that Sauropods are called a type of dinosaur that has long tangles, very long neck, small heads and pillars like four big legs are considered as discreet sign.


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