If you have a mysterious power then get ready to win 1.5 million Euro

German specialists have announced that if you really think of yourself as an extraordinary and modest force So they will investigate it and you will be paid a sum of 1.5 Million Euro if your claim is correct.

German specialists have made a group to investigate ‘Paranormal Sciences’ Such people are invited to such group,those who are identifier with out science help, such as Ricky, Telepathy, Telecommunications, or any other knowledge expert, can also demonstrate it.

If someone can prove himself to be such a paranormal force than experts will not only give money to them, but they will also do more research on it. In this case, they invite individuals who claim to be the owner of some kind of mystery. This year 60 people were invited , but none of them could prove their claim in an experimental trial. Raner Wolf, a specialist at Scientists group, said, “Our goal is not to prove people false and not to persuade them, but we want to tell that these claims are completely baseless.”

Many experts including Wolf believe that people who are claiming these powers are actually cheating themselves. They forgets their thousands of times failure and claims their success by one or two successes. That is why they can not prove it when they are called in our experimental place.

Recently a person who was claiming to move objects with the power of mind, despite several hours’ efforts in the experiment place, he could not even move a piece of paper, similarly, a person claimed to be standing in the air, but after several hours of effort, he also felt defeat.

However, the amount and challenge of these scientists still exists, and if you think you have a super-natural force So you can win the prize with respect.


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