Hippomane Mancinelli (Manchineel)

Hippomane Mancinelli (Manchineel) is the most poisonous tree in the world, and in places where it grows, like Florida and the Caribbean and the Bahamas, is often marked by signs that warn people that he does not approach. Fruit H. Mancinelli resembles a small apple, but only one bite will take you to the first hospital. Even at the time of Columbus this poisonous fruit was known as ‘Manzanita de la muerte’, ie, small apple death. But they are probably innocuous part of the wood … The white milky juice of the tree H. Mancinelli light is extremely toxic when it touches human skin can cause blisters, dermatitis or burns. Frequent victims of this otorvnog juice naive travelers who use wood as a shelter from the rain. Drops of rain along ‘pick up’ a little juice, but even those can cause burns on the body.

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