Delhi’s Original and ‘Native resident’ , parrots have to Leave the City Now

It is easier for birds to make their nests in old trees. They can not make their houses in new trees and now these old tress are being cut down. In this situation where shall these unfortunate birds go to remake their new homes.

Parrot always fears humans and snakes. So in the evening, parrots are probably talking about each other in terms of avoiding them. The Parrots are caught by Humans and the deadly red snakes catch and eat them. Even in the Night, parrots seem unable to rest in peace as the slaughter continues in the night also.

As the evening approaches, owls in the National Capital come with the knock of death for these parrots. There are large numbers of The Barn Owl (white owl) in the city. Parrots also seem very tasteful to them too. For all these reasons, parrots are disappearing from the sky in the capital.

This crisis will go deeper, because who has the time to take care the lives of these unfortunate birds in the busy life style of our National Capital.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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  1. human encroachment on natural habitats bothers me greatly. thank you for blogging about these beautiful birds. Austin, Texas has a large population of Monk Parakeets & they were once considered an agricultural pest in South America. I think they are wonderful to see & fortunately we have plenty of parks & protected spaces.

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