Dealing With False Memory – 6

Sam and John are the archetypical children who were turned against their parents and have never been able to realise it.

The persons who distorted their views of their parents, their uncle and aunt, went on, at the death of the Grandmother, to exclude them from the division of property although that Grandmother had specifically granted a house to them.

Searching for other reasons why, trying to block it from their minds was not possible, as they had married greedy women who pushed them to go for what was theirs.

They then wound up confronting their uncle and aunt, (their father’s siblings) in court.

Now one would assume that as it was this uncle and aunt who poisoned their minds against their parents, they would wake from their stupor and realise that their parents were not the monsters portrayed.


Sam and John, despite being deep in their forties, will proclaim what a Great Mother their Grandmother was, and how their parents threw them away.


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Written by jaylar

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