Dealing with False Memory – 12

In the case of Marcia, it is so easy to discern the base of her problems.

 Had her mother explained what happened when she was four or five, then repeated it when she was seven or eight, and then bring it up again when she was twelve or thirteen, Marcia would have her history.

She would known and understand that her mother had been gravely ill, that her aunt had stepped in to care for her.

Marcia would understand that between the ages of 9 mos and 3 years, her Aunt had mothered her.  Then returned her to her true mother.

Marcia would understand she hadn’t been rejected, but had the benefit of two women who mothered her.

She would not have felt strange as if there was some suppressed secret, and would not have fallen prey to a  psycho-therapist who knew nothing of her past and did not even have the ability to ask correct questions.

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