Dealing With False Memory – 10

Once you encounter your first Victim of False Memory, you will become aware of the signs.

At first, you will be a bit rocky that someone you barely know,, without much prompting, reveals the kind of secrets you expect only from persons you’ve known forever.  You sit, in a kind of embarrassed silence as these horrific events are relayed.  And you ponder why a stranger is telling you how she was raped or how his parents abandoned him, or something that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable.

When you get away you wonder why this person you don’t care about, don’t know, would reveal their ‘darkest’ secrets.

Maybe you think they trust you or love you or see something special in you.

The fact is,  what they have told you is untrue.  It is a false memory they need to cement in their own minds.   They are not talking to you, they are trying to convince themselves.

If you speak to their ‘revelation’ they become agitated.   If you indicate the illogic they will be angry.  This is what you will encounter when a victim of false memory enters your space.


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