Cave Terms Rhyme

The Cave

Entering the cave. Ready to explore.
Searching for cave bacon from the ceiling to the floor.
It may look yummy, but don’t break a tooth.
This type of bacon belongs only on the roof.
Popcorn on the ceilings. Popcorn on the walls.
Don’t bump your head, or you’ll be sure to fall.
Stalactites hang like icicles clinging to the rock.
Please, don’t try to grab one. The guide will have a shock.
Stalagmites stand like statues frozen to the floor.
Will they come alive when you turn for the door?
Flowstone drips and drabs hanging from every slab.
They may look wet and sticky. Don’t be fooled. They’re tricky.
Round and round we look, searching for the door.
Take a breath of fresh air. Then, go back inside for more.

by Christian F. Burton


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Written by Chris B.

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