Another Right Thing Done the Wrong Way

Jamaica wants to ban plastic.  It is good for the environment.  No argument.  Everyone, except those who make their coin by creating single use plastic, agrees.

So how do we ban plastic, considering everything comes in plastic?

Sure, there are a few glass bottles around.

Buy a Guinness. Not only does it come in glass but you get $ when you return that bottle.

Most bottles are plastic.  And there aren’t many places which will take a plastic bottle to recycle.  I don’t know of any myself, although I hear say there are.

The big deal in Jamaica are ‘Scandal Bags’.

We’ve called black plastic bags scandal bags from the early 1980s.  Comes from two things, a speech the then Prime Minister, Edward Seaga, made, shaking a black plastic bag, and the noise it makes when you open it.  When people talk loud we often claim they’re trying to make a scandal.

Basically, one would go to the shop,  and carry their purchases home in Scandal Bags.  The bag would then be used to  throw away garbage.

With reusable cloth bags, which you have to buy from the supermarket, and keep, and remember to carry with you the next time you go, I’m sure the supermarket and other shops make a whole heap of money selling the bags.

That’s not the problem.

The problem is, throwing away your garbage.

With a scandal bag one didn’t need a houseful of garbage; just today’s refuse would fit well.  Pack the scandal bag, put it outside in the trash to be collected by the garbage trucks.   The workers would grab up the bags, toss them in the truck.


Now, you put your garbage in something, old bucket, whatever, take the something outside and empty the garbage. .  Garbage is all over the place now.

Rats are opening gourmet restaurants.

Sure good for the environment.

Well done Government!

What do you think?

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