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70,000 years old human infrastructure discovered in Iraq

A 70-year-old skeleton (human structure) has been discovered in Iraq. This thousands-year-old skeleton was discovered from a cave named Schneider, 500 miles north of the Iraqi capital, whose skull, chest and both hands are in good condition.Experts claim that it is about 70 thousand years old man whose gender is not yet known, but his name has been identified by Schneider Z.

According to archaeologists, skeletons have teeth in the mouth which belong to the age from middle to old age. Chris Hunt, who served as professor in the Cultural Palaeoecology Department at the British University of Liverpool John Morris, says Schneider Z.’s search is indeed ‘a wonderful discovery’.

Graeme Barker, a professor at the MacDonald Institute of Archaeology at Cambridge University, said there was early evidence that the Schneider Z was deliberately buried.


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