Worried Right Now

I haven’t been around Virily too much lately I have had a whole lot that I have been dealing with in my personal life.  But right now I feel the need to come here because I am scared and I needed to vent out my feelings about what concerns me.  Now on this website, I have mentioned my sister, she is my partner in writing and in adult coloring book designing, and also my best friend.  As far as my family goes she is the one I am closest too since our parent’s deaths years ago.  Anyway, she told me a few months ago that her heart condition could have become worse and there is a chance she could need open heart surgery.

Tomorrow her cardiologist is going to do a procedure known as an angiogram on her.  This procedure alone can be serious in itself since it involves taking scopes through the artery in the leg and through to mouth to probe the heart.  The risks are a possible heart attack or stroke during the procedure. Now this isn’t the first time a member of my family had this done I have another sister, brother and even my mother in her lifetime had one done twice, and all them got through it fine, but it’s still scary to face.

Anyway, I am going with her tomorrow because it is something that can’t be done alone.  I just needed to share how a felt right now, thanks for giving me the time to do so.


What do you think?

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  1. I hope everything went great for your sister. You and your sister are in my prayers. I’m dealing with similar issues with my husband. He has a heart condition and luckily his is controlled by medication right now. My thoughts are with you.

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