Wonderful Carousels

Today I was sorting some more of my photos and found one of me on a carousel. As a child, I used to love carousels so much. Anytime and anyplace I saw one I just had to take a look at it and ride it. However, the oddest part was that as a small child of about five I was scared to climb up on those horses. They looked so big and went up and down. Even so I had to ride the carousel. So mom had to come with me and sit in on one of those big benches and we would go round and round. She never had too much fun but she did it for me.

Finally, when I was ten years old I was brave enough to climb on top of a horse. Mom made sure the seatbelt was pulled tight and off I went. From then on you couldn’t keep me from a carousel. I have ridden on lots of different painted horses, wild animals and even a carousel with farmyard animals. In this picture, I’m already a grown-up but I still have to ride the carousel.


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