Wash Belly – 67

Colin had, after the anger at seeing the Will moved to a manageable area, made his plans.

Slowly, cautiously, getting legal advice,  Colin prepared  for Court as an actor rehearsing a role.

Long before his mother died, Colin had put his plans in place. He’d made Keith and Joey hate their parents so would not listen to anything they said.  

Colin had always hated his older brother so it wasn’t hard to infect his nephews.   He had nothing against Nick’s wife, Emma, but she was daubed by the same brush.

Colin made Keith and Joey hate their parents, and love him.

The love they had for their ‘Unca Col’, would, (pretending they had the intelligence to perceive reality) have delayed their realisation of what he was doing.

What he had been doing since they returned to live with Miranda to the day they sought to gain their bequeath under the Will.   Years late.


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Written by jaylar

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