VRŠAČKI CIRCLES ancient concentric circles near the village of Vatin and Vlajkovac in the municipality of Vrsac, Vojvodina, Serbia. Although there already for millennia, even the majority of the inhabitants of Vrsac do not know about them! Vatin circles have a diameter of around 150 meters, while vlajkovački twice as high. Some unusual occurrence circuits associated with the Bronze Age (2200-700. BC), but there are those that this structure accommodations in the Neolithic period (in the Balkans from 5500 BC). The circle of the earth can not be observed, because they are slightly elevated, but they capture from the air very nice show this (first) historic location. Circles at Vatina are fully preserved, because they are in the swampy and barren soil of the Great rita, so that farmers would not go while vlajkovački damaged.

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