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Unmissed – 4

Miss Carpon had been assigned to Jeffrey Charles as his secretary.   She had probably suffered his abuse as much, if not more than any of us.   

However, Senior Management felt there should be some ‘Memorial’  for a staff member who died ‘in service’ .   As they didn’t like him any more than we did, they asked Miss Carpon to arrange it.   I’m sure she didn’t volunteer.    However, she did make the best of the good riddance/memorial.

None of the Senior Management came as did not one member of staff.

The question that could be asked was how Senior Management could be so unaware of the horrors of Jeffrey Charles that they let him fester in the position for more than two hours, much less, two YEARS.

Then, I reflected. Their obliviousness or disinterest in Monster Charles was,  is the same reason they had no idea that I spent most of the day doing nothing as did everyone else.

There was a time, before Jeffrey Charles was moved from the pinnacle of Senior Management to become the on floor manager, when things worked.  When our floor was incredibly productive because we really liked our jobs, and did go beyond our duties.

The day Charles arrived, with his insults and innuendos, his attitude and sense of power, was the day when we learned the meaning of the word demotivation and began to hate working there.


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Written by jaylar

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