Two Sides – Paula – 1

PAULA – then

It was around twenty years ago.  The ‘crew’ was in the ‘hang out’.   It was one of those old fashioned ‘soda fountain’  shops.

There was a  counter which ran along the left wall  for about half the length of the shop. Passing the counter came tables between those couch type seats. These lined both walls and there was a line of them running between.

The ‘crew’ was sitting at the first of those middle tables where one can slide in or out from either side.  

Connie was on the left, facing the backwall, Paula beside her.  Connie’s boyfriend, Craig was opposite her, and Jack faced Paula.

They had been talking and laughing.

Craig got up to use the bathroom, and Connie lowered her voice and was telling Paula a bit of a secret.


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Written by jaylar

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