Two Forth Worth (TX) police officers save a lady who wanted to end her life


If there is one thing that is needed to be a police officer in any part of the world, it is to have great skills in convince persons that any attempt to take their own lives is not the answer to solving life’s challenges.

Fort Worth Police Officers Justin Henry and his partner Trae Cierzan were called to save the lives of a young lady who wanted to end her own life by jumping off an overpass to the a highway below.

The young lady who did not give her name to the two police officers claimed that the reason that she wanted to end her own life was that everyone she knew wanted her to end her life.

The next fifteen minutes were a test of nerves was intense when Officer Henry used their ability to talk someone not to take her own life by giving her some encouragement that taking her own life is not the answer.

The young lady was in tears since Officer Henry was able to convince her that she needed help to take down her demons that were telling her that life is not worth living.

What the officers did was talk to the young lady by slowing walking toward her while being to convince her to seek help by a doctor to find out the root cause of her desire to attempt to end her own life.

The young lady then surrendered to the two police officers who took her to a local hospital to be treated for her mental illness that was telling her to take her own life.

The family of the young lady who was thinking of taking her own life would like to meet the two police officers that went the extra mile to save a life of a person who wanted to end her own life.

A message of people who refuse to serve police officers at a restaurant out of hated for their line of work. The same police officer that you refuse to serve could be the same officer that you will need to save your lives when you are the end of the line in life.

The one reason police officers deserve the respect of the community is that talking to a person who is thinking of ending their lives is that police officers will do their best to talk anyone not to end their lives.

My thanks to Officers Henry and Cierzan for using their wits to save a life.

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