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Turmaline – a stone for negative thoughts and bad radiation….


Turmaline is the richest mineral on the planet by chemical elements. The word turamali or toramolli comes from the Sinhalese language (Sri Lanka), which means a stone that attracts ashes. In nature, a mineral is often present. It has a wide range of colors. It is used as a pine ore, for the production of electrical equipment and serves as a polaroid for obtaining linearly polarized light.

Today’s largest sites are in Brazil, the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mazambique, Kenya, Namibia, Russia and the Czech Republic.Black Tourmaline is associated with the root chakra and is excellent for draining excess energy. It is well known as a purifying stone that refuses and transforms negative energy, so it is very protective. It can change and eliminate the negativity that comes from a person or the environment. It was used as a cleaner for aura and can help achieve a higher level of awareness. Often it was also used as a defense against black magic, because it is believed that negative thoughts and actions are returned to the sender. It is also used against harmful technical radiation of TV, monitors, mobile phones.

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