Tracking Employee Training: Why It Is Imperative

As we shift from traditional training methods to online training, new challenges are being taken into consideration. It is no doubt that every training, be it face-to-face or digital, has its own list of pros and cons. 

Learning management systems is a one-stop solution that makes tracking employee online training much easier and simple. This cloud-based platform is inclusive of features that aid you in achieving your business goals and make you capable of integrating a tracking system. 

One of the most significant aspects of any training is to measure the results. Tracking the results enables one to scout for areas of improvement, offer feedback, and work towards eliminating the gap between a learner and his goals. 

In this article, read about why tracking employee training is of utmost importance. 

Here’s why tracking employee training is imperative 

  • Enhances efficiency 

One benefit that online training provides is the ease to track the performance of learners. Manual tracking is often considered a task because of the increased time consumption and incorrect recording of data, especially for the corporate that is spread across the varied geographical areas. 

Tracking online training in an organized way for different divisions of the organization will result in reduced duplication of time, manpower, and efforts. Hence, improving the efficiency of your training session. 

  • Increased accountability 

With help of various tools and their features, such as Docebo LMS features that include tracking your employees’ performance, you can witness an increase in their accountability.

This implies that when your learners are offered proper guidance, they are more likely to be motivated to not only attend the training but also complete the tasks that have been assigned as a part of the program. An increase in accountability leads to improved job performance and satisfaction. 

  • Relevant courses 

When you are tracking training, it becomes easier for you to measure the performance and look for all the areas of improvement. This measure makes you capable of assigning the courses and materials as per the progress that one is making. When training is tracked at regular intervals, you can review and make the changes to the course as per the pace at which one is moving ahead. 

It is best to invest in training tools that offer a combination of an instructor-led session, eLearning courses and has an integrated system to track the progress via a learning management system. Consequently, you can easily customize the materials as per the specified gaps and goals of an individual. 

  • Employee motivation 

Another important reason to track employee training is to improve their motivation towards the training sessions. As you keep a track of their performance and they take the accountability of their work, it leads to an increase in motivation. 

When your training sessions are accompanied by reward points, certifications, or other incentives, it boosts their enthusiasm and they tend to perform well on the job. As you offer them the right course of action for their growth by continuously reviewing, they feel more inspired to complete the training. 

  • Record feedback 

When you track the performance of your employees during the training, it makes you capable of providing in-depth and proper feedback. Learners also get a chance to record the feedback that they are receiving and work towards their improvement.

Tracking training will also give you an opportunity to check for the relevance of certain courses for employees from varied departments. As a result, you can carry out the training session effectively and purposefully as you modify your materials as per the needs and preferences of your employees. 


Tracking the remote training of your employees offers plenty of benefits. When your employees are on the receiving end of continuous feedback that will help them in their growth, they tend to be more motivated to perform well on the job. Thus, tracking employee training leads to effective learning and development of your employees. 


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