Top 6 Qualities to Lookout to Keep in Mind While Looking for a Counselor

In this world of today, human beings have developed hundreds and thousands of devices to make life comfortable and easy. But with an increase in population, the competition is also reaching its height. And to live a standard life is not less than a challenge. People are living a robotic life with the same day of working 10-12 hours on repeat. This dull and dry routine drains the energy out of the man and eventually makes him fall prey to lethal diseases like depression and anxiety. To overcome these hurdles and to make sure that the enthusiasm of a person to have a better life is always high, mental health consultants are there to help.

Significance of the Counselors         

The significance of the counselor can never be overemphasized. He is a professional who listens to his client, makes proper diagnoses, and gives appropriate suggestions to improve the situation. He provides complete counseling concerning different psychological issues like stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related problems. So, if you are going through any of this or anything else which is affecting your emotional or mental health then all you need right now is a counselor.

Distinguishing Traits of a Counselor

A counselor can do wonders. But you have to choose one with care. An ideal counselor has the following traits:

Communication Skills   

A counselor has marvelous communication skills. No one can beat him in this category. And when I say communication skills, it does not mean that they do talking and talking to dominate the conversation. They play completely paradoxically. They listen more than they talk. They let their client speak and listen to them carefully with utter attention.

They let the clients tell their problems and beliefs which are posing a threat to their emotional health. And in this end they let the client know what exactly is going on with them and how they can fight against it. The best thing about them is that they respect other people’s ideas and believes and do not consider even the wildest thoughts of their clients stupid.     

Nonjudgmental & Acceptance

If it is all about telling someone about your problems and asking for suggestions to make you feel better than why do we feel the need of counselors? Why we cannot go out to any random person and tell the whole story. This is because almost all of us are afraid to be judged based on our beliefs. Moreover, to spill your gut to everyone may not be an ideal idea as it can have severe consequences. On the other hand, the counselor is there, only to help you. He is a nonjudgmental person and is open to everything warmly.

Naturally Empathetic People

People go to consultants only when they are going through some bad times or have something which is disturbing their peace of mind. They help people get out of the dark cage of suffering and bring them in the light of hope that a better life is waiting for them just a few steps ahead. But how can they do it if they do not even understand or feel the pain of the clients? A good counselor is a person who can imagine the heart or soul ache that the next person must be suffering from. They are naturally empathic people.

Problem Identifying Skills

Consider a person who is going through the post-trauma of a severe accident. He has recovered physically but is still unable to cope with it mentally. He knows that he must move on as there is no use of holding onto a nightmare. But still, he is unable to do it. This is the point where the counselors come for aid. They help people identify their real problems and pinpoint the attitude of the client that might be nurturing it. He helps people overcome negative thoughts and turn them from a pessimist to an optimist.

Proper Rapport Building Skills

Counselors do not see only a single client throughout their day. They meet numerous different clients daily. But a perfect counselor is the one who gives every client undivided attention. They develop a strong bond with the clients to earn their trust. The counselors who are capable of developing rapport with the clients from the very first session are commendable. They use different motivational quotes and speeches to keep the morals of their clients high.


Another important trait that your counselor must have is professionalism. You must make sure that everything you share with the counselor must be kept in confidence and not shared with anyone else. It is a protocol that must be respected. Moreover, your counselor should be a good influence. He must look presentable and keep minute details like proper report making in view. He must have the customized lanyard by along with the professional identity card hanging around his neck.      


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