Things to Remember After a Vehicular Accident

No one wants to think about the dark side of being involved in car accidents. Getting involved in a vehicular accident, whether big or small may leave you with lifetime scars, if not the worst case scenario. In addition to this, the whole experience is overwhelming and traumatizing. In the midst of all that commotion, it’s very easy for you to be tempted into jumping into your “still drivable car” and speed off in trying to block off the whole scenario. On the contrary, you are expected to maintain your cool and take things as they are seeing that it’s already done.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most important things you need to remember after a vehicular accident.

The police report

Things may get a bit messy and blurry from your point of view, especially if there are injuries involved. It may be you or the other driver that suffered bodily injuries. Nevertheless, if involved in a minor accident and are able to communicate and move with ease, it is important to note that filing a police report after an accident is extremely important. This may not be a necessity in some states. However, you are still required to obtain the same. The police report is of utmost importance to safeguard you from the other party contradicting or exaggerating the facts. Once you’ve confirmed that the police have finished documenting the facts, request for the report even if they claim it’s unnecessary to do so.

Witness reports

The other most important thing you don’t want to forget is the witness report. Ensure to look around for willing witnesses who’d want to share their testimony as well as their contact information. In any type of road accident, witness report and information are vital and may also prove to be life-saving. The insurance appraisal will definitely want to determine who was at fault. By looking at the damages, it may be next to impossible for them to do that. You’ll, therefore, need a verified eye witness account to prove your case and in claiming your compensation. A witness report is a real game changer between receiving the full claim and having your premiums doubled.

A verified account of the other party’s insurance information

Before leaving the scene of the accident, it’s imperative that you take into account the insurance information of the other party. If you have your handy smartphone with you, take a few pictures of their insurance card and provide this information to your insurer as soon as possible. In addition to this, apart from calling your insurance provider, contact the other party’s insurer, it may be that they are out of business or that their policy is expired and invalid. So, do not hesitate.

Pictures of the scene

Accidents are not a new occurrence, they happen every day and it’s so unfortunate that this will not end any day soon. Now, there are those who may take pictures for fun, but in your case, it will be for your own good. Remember, it may not be easy for your insurer to tell as to what circumstances led to the accident. In some cases, it may be fairly easy to determine the causes. Pictures provide the most needed unnarrated accounts which are in most cases, unbiased, especially if taken by an eyewitness. Photographic evidence is admissible in court. This brings us to another point; third party pictures from eyewitnesses are effective when presented to insurers. So, if you can get some, you are in luck.

To add on to this, you may also look around for street cameras or private cameras. In our modern world, some intersections may be installed with cameras that record traffic movements. If you find one that has a better angle, you have the right to request for the footage if it helps to build your case.

Calling your insurance provider

Now, considering that there may be injuries involved, if not, damages to the vehicles. It is very important that your insurance company knows about the accident as soon as possible. Regardless of who may be at fault, it’s always important to notify your insurance company. Remember, you had not planned for the accident, so, it’s basically not your fault. When you contact your insurance provider, be ready to provide the following information;

  • Contacts and names of anyone involved in the accident
  • The other party’s insurance information
  • The law enforcement agency that responded to the accident.

Reporting the accident to your insurance provider will help you to access or claim the benefits attached to your insurance policy. In addition to this, it will help take care of the medical bills as well as the repair/replacement costs.

Talk to a good attorney

Last but not least, you will want to be on the right side of the law. After an automobile accident, experts at Man Law Firm ( say that one of the first important things to do is to call a good car accident lawyer. This is especially because vehicular accidents have many legal matters surrounding them and even if the other driver was the one at fault, the law may not always be in your favor if you don’t have proper representation or legal counsel.

All the above-mentioned points are crucial to remember after an accident. These pointers will help to smoothen the claim processes as well as in resolving the accident cases. So having any other additional information may also help in helping to get your life back as well as to recover quickly from the traumatic experience.  


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