The World Protests to Free Palestine

Sunday, 5.16.21

All of the sudden, I am noticing more and more videos of live protests to Free Palestine from Zionist Israel’s continuous terrorism since 1948. The latest country who joined Palestine’s Solidarity Campaign is Scotland. While the world protests to Free Palestine, they also do other protests to Free The World from the NWO One World Lockdown to terrorize the whole world on a global scale towards a One World Satanic Government in Zionist Israel. Therefore, these protests are similar, but the Palestinians have been living under such terrorism since 1948.

#2 Rabbi Dovid Weiss on Palestinian Freedom, Anti Zionism and Anti Semitism

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Last month, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign interviewed Rabbi Dovid Weiss about freeing Palestine from the illegitimate and terrorist state of Zionist Israel. Neturei Karta are anti-Zionist and religion Jews, who do not recognize the existence of Zionist Israel. He explains the difference between Judaism and Zionism, as well as why Zionism is an insult to religious Jews who worship God.


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