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The Unfamiliar Net Terms Online

People are in a world of technology. It changes us to think in advance based on the usage of modern gadgets. The common language turned into a new way of communicating with people virtually. Some old folks tend to ignore the changes since they are satisfied or contented of what they had accomplished in life. Thus, they are too backward to grasp the changes in their environment.

Let us switch on our brain to absorb the unfamiliar net terms usage:

1. Nick

It is commonly used as a slang word for nickname or pet name in the social network or writing sites. The usage of nick is to protect oneself from bad elements online. That includes the cyberbully used nick to destroy other people’s lives. We tend not to disclose our identity for safety reasons.

Sample Sentence: I am using my nick Shavkat in Literacy Base.

2. Noob

The word noob refers to a newbie online. However, it associates in a bad impression. It describes a newbie that do crazy things in his or her post. This person showed unintentional mistakes in working online.

Sample Sentence: Are you doing some crazy things, Noob?

3. Flame

It is a form of content in the post that attracts the readers online to react and comment based on the controversial issues or concerns. In some cases, the topic is not acceptable on the writing site.

Sample Sentence: It would be flamed if you make a post about gender inequality.

4. Woot

It is a net term for having an expression of excitement. It is also the usual informal comment of the writer online.

Sample Sentence: What a woot! I had moved to the next level in the online game.

5. Warez

The term is to use synonymously to the software. The geeky people in computers use this word as their way of expressing their thoughts about modern gadgets nowadays.

Sample Sentence: He needs to check the warez of the computer.

6. Fat-Fingered

For some people, “fat-fingered” is used to describe the typographical error written in their post. It is normal for online writers to commit errors when typing on their keyboard. They don’t want the brilliant ideas to slip out from their mind.

Sample Sentence: He tried to edit the post because of being fat-fingered.

7. Vanilla

The word “vanilla” uses to describe a post or site that does not capture the attention of the readers online. It is a part where people show their way of disliking something online.

Sample Sentence: The platform of this site made me feel vanilla.

8. Kurg

Some writers online expressed their feeling of annoyance about someone. It can be a perfect usage of the word to people who are spammers in the computer networks.

Sample Sentence: He is a kurg for sending spam messages.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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