The seven "dark" features of the Sagittarius

Everyone has a dark side, no matter how positive or good he is. The Sagittarius are famous for their positive features though. They usually are dedicating themselvest to their goals and are real entellectuals. They are in love with the nature and enjoy adventures, risks, as well as investigation and exploration of new information. However, they too, have some dark characteristics which are recognized by their closest family members or their best friends.

1. They overthink

Just because of their great skill of deep and critical analizing they tend to overthink every detail of every situation, therefore sometimes even seem egoistic. The truth behind this is that they want to save themselves before it becomes too late.

2. They, too, have complexes

The narcists are usualy lead by the pleasures. However, a Sagittarius can over do it. Even though this barely interferes in their work, it migh scare the hell out of the colleagues and make them run away.

3. They can be too direct, even rude

It is more than clear that the Sagittarius are aware of their intelect and confidence. This has secondary consecuences though. The worst, out of all, is that they do not think twice before they speak. This leads to a lot of complicated situations. 

4. They take risks and think about the consequences later on

Taking riskis could be a great feature. However, not always. Well, the Sagittarius put themselves into a risky situations consciously. They think they are unbeatable and suffer the consequences later.

5. They judge too much

They tend to come to the conclusion too early, even after seeing someone once. Of course, the first impression about something or someone is not the real one but the Sagittarius forget about this fact. 

6. They remain angry too long

If you have some close person who happens to be Sagittarius, try to avoid getting into conflict with her. They face difficulties in forgiving, especially if you are to criticize their character. When their ideas are in question, they have no problem in discussing that they even ofend you and stay calm. 

7. They believe in revenge

When you nail a knife into their back, the Sagittarius plots a revenge intelligently and mercilessly. At the end you emight even wonder who did you such a thing if they really dedicate themselves into plotting the revenge.

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Written by Elena Bojchovska

Macedonian girl, 25 years old.

I currently live in Madrid, Spain. I am a passionate football lover who supports Real Madrid. I've studied English language and literature. I used to live in Seville, Spain, for two years, therefore I am fluent both in English and Spanish, besides my mother language which is Macedonian. I am passionate about travelling the world and reading books. Lately psychology calls my attention. I enjoy exploring new cultures and meeting new people.

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