The Keeper of Dandelions

Spring has always been a great time for me. I love to see the world come back to life after a beautiful frosty, white, frozen winter. The first calf is my sign that all is well in the cycle of the world again. There were a few other signs of spring that became very special to me. Little things like the smallest of worms and the big night crawlers coming out of the cold earth to sun on the rocks and those first bright yellow dandelions growing in the yard.

To really know Kali’s heart you had to understand that she was the keeper of the dandelions. Bouquets of dandelions were something she celebrated. They were beautiful when they were bright and yellow. They were beautiful when they were going to seed. Dandelions were her expression of the circle of life.

This was not special to her only as a child. Rock couldn’t mow the lawn when Kali was home. It was not good to cut down all her beautiful flowers. She wouldn’t get angry and often she would cry. In the spring she would be out hiding all the worms back in grass so the birds wouldn’t eat them. If she could have saved every bug from getting hit by a windshield, she would have done so.

Now you would think this would cause an issue between her and her father, the world’s most enthusiastic hunter. Kali’s heart was much bigger and more inclusive than most can imagine. There was no malice for the hunting. She was simply happy her Dad was respectful and happy with the harvest.  Somehow the tender hearts of father and daughter bonded in secure and different ways.

When Kali passed away and it was time to take care of flowers, it was Rock who volunteered to take on the task. The florist called to see if it was really “okay” to put dandelions in the arrangements. With tears in my eyes, I responded, “it’s perfect”. The tears were not there because I was sad, I was crying because I was happy that Rock understood her heart. Kali, just like her Dad, had the gift of unconditional love and she would do whatever she felt was best for others and the good of all, just like Mark.

As we prepared for the funerals, once again, Mark’s goal was to take care of all.There would be two funerals so she could be celebrated by all, in different ways. He flew Clifton out so he could attend. He had me on the phone for hours making arrangements to have Shad escorted so he could be there.

The parents of the twins sent beautiful pictures and plants for us. They weren’t flowers, but living plants to remind us that a part of Kali was still on earth. True to her nature, the needs of the twins were her greatest concern. She and Clifton had tough decisions to make. It wasn’t that there were not a lot of choices, but they didn’t want to make just any choice. They wanted the boys to have the best chance at a happy life. At the funeral there was a deeper peace for me knowing that the boys were somewhere with a loving family and not suffering the loss in the same way that we were. It seemed like a validation that the decision for the twins was meant to be and somehow peace would come. Kali listened with her heart.

I don’t know if we will ever meet the twins in this life. I do know that we will meet them again on the other side. I know that Kali will be there and so grateful for the unconditional love of all. If everyone gets to pick their own mansion at the time of passing, you can bet that Kali will have a yard full of dandelions and if you know her heart, you will understand why. She’s our keeper of the dandelions.


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Written by Ghostwriter

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