The guardian angel is the patron of a person

How often a person performs inexplicable actions, driven only by his intuition, and later he is saved from inevitable death or great trouble. Why is this happening, who is on guard and why is not everyone lucky in this way? In this article, we will look at who the guardian angel is, how it helps and how it affects a person’s life.

Who are guardian angels?

The guardian angel is the patron of a person, a highly spiritual non-material creature whose task is to protect and warn. It is believed that the angels differ in their strength and capabilities, but there are many cases when they saved a person from imminent death or were taken away from a dangerous alley, or even simply warned about people who could harm, deceive, etc.

Most often, a person thinks that his intuition worked, but as practice shows, this personal defender gives the person a signal of danger. If he listens to these signals, then the connection between the angel and his client, and, consequently, intuition, becomes stronger. If everything happens the other way around, then a person often finds himself in unpleasant situations, because he simply does not hear the voice of help.

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Many respected spiritual teachers, authors, therapists and mediums claim that angelic numerology is gaining momentum in connection with spiritual awakening and awareness. People develop spiritually, and repeated sequences perform on the meaning of messages from above.

For example The secret meaning of the number 1122 is a wave, a tsunami that the world sends to you to shake you up and you began to perceive the events as your own being. Why do you think this is how everyone fought, but if you look from the outside then you have not a living aura but a petrified dinosaur egg. For development you need to perceive the information that the world seeks to convey to you. If it is not, then you are dead to the world and you are hammered with a hammer.

But the secret meaning of the number 311, the harmony of the development of consciousness and the exit to a new level of development. So the scattered parts of the fire that engulf you inside you are able to extinguish by redistributing this fire throughout the body. Your teacher will teach you how, from the fire of devouring flesh, you are able to transform life-giving and nourishing life in the human body into fire.


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