Split from the Spinning

Debris near the Sun

Planets and castoffs

of asteroids and comets

Nine Orbits had Begun

and third in Line

a hand of the Devine

fashioned a New World

of magma and lave

and a firmament

in Time

of water and Oceans

and winds

and the Spirit

of mankind

working with the

spirit of the Maker

all in Good Time

and Poems from Earth

gently and softly

began to Rhyme

Before The FIRST day

the planet spun Bare

not a bird in the Air

no critter on ocean or Land

Six or more Aeons must Pass

& the FIRST day

will wake up my world

at Last

With a bold Hand

Befoe the FIRST day

the planet spun Bare


a bird in the Air

and critturs on land

and fish in the Sea

Only the Wind

on Sea  & Land

Ages must Pass

& in His own IMAGE

& With His Bold Hand

HE made Adam from the Dust


And Eve returned the APPLE

learning to BELIEVE

& new Life CONCEIVEEve in her Beauty

became the Life Giver

and Adam clung to Her

life was golden

in the mountains

his sons found

Diamonds and siver

and Milleniums went By

and men grew tall

with ladies and ziggurats

and giants that

thundered in the Sky


Then came the Ark

floating a World

that left us a Rainbow

whose Blessing Unfurled

And after a Winter

when the Green of Spring

is Hurled

the ladies of the Maypole

Dance on the Scene

the tiny voices of

critturs run the

forest Floor

and flowers and

roses and the Bees

clamor for sweet life and More

And the first Day

of each new life

echoes a thousand

times a Score

O bring back the first Day

past spring and More

From planets to asteroids

and a special place

called Earth

the Wind blows and Shows

that the Spirit of Man

has given a poetic birth

to the First day

past Spring


What do you think?


Written by Johndavisnearby

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