The Angry Boer

I never paid much attention to Elon Musk until the Twitter debacle.  

Here was the ‘richest man in the world’  deciding to buy a website then changing his mind, but..(gasp) the LAW was forcing him to go through with it.

His behaviour reminded me of a spoiled brat who wanted a piece of his birth cake before the guests has arrived.  Refused, he jumped up on the table and pushed the cake to the floor.

It became the talking point for weeks, then a kind of paradigm of exactly what a spoiled brat is capable of.

Think of it;  his cake, yet because he couldn’t get a piece now destroyed it for all time.   

The guests wouldn’t know about it, and wouldn’t suffer.  If the party still went on some substitute would be there, if there was no party, shoulder shrug.  The only one who lost was the Birthday Boy,

As I began to research Musk I learned he was a benefit of apartheid.  A Boer who had oppressed African, whose wealth was gained by oppression and forced work.   A guy who left South Africa shortly before the end of apartheid and went to Canada for education as a mask.

He got in easily on his mother’s citizenship, entered University, transferred to the United States.  There he bounced from one college to another focused on setting up businesses and selling them for huge profit.

I looked over his employment record; no business he ever ran escaped law suits by exploited employees, for treating people like dirt is Musk standard.

I was not surprised that when Brat Musk was forced to buy Twitter he set about destroying it.

Advertisers who knew him or of him, raced away, as did many  users.   For if you know Elon Musk, the image of that child jumping on that table,  throwing his own cake on the floor will never leave you.


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Written by jaylar

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