The 365 Photos Challenge #12 – Swimming Equipment

The challenge is getting harder…. huh…. I was looking for a aubject, then I found this picture.

What is the significant of this picture to me? It is my daughter’s swimming gears. She uses it whenever she swims. I trying to look for meaning into it. What could be the topic of conversation? …..

After a while, I realized that these things had meaning for. As I watched my daughter trained, I found joy as she progress in her training. She started from nothing then now she is a good swimmer. Just like her gears, on thw onset of her training, her coach loaned his goggles, then after saving for it , we were able to buy her a new one.

So, what is the significance of these to me? My blood and sweat. I work hard for it so that I can support my daughter. What did I get from it? not for me but for my daughter. I know she will become great swimmer someday. I can see her determination and dedication to her training.


What do you think?

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