Terme di Saturnia … Italy ??

Terme di Saturnia … Italy

 Saturnija is a village in Italy in the district of Grosseto, which is located in the region of Tuscany, at an altitude of 288 m. According to data from 2011 in this village lived 292 stanovnika.Redovi cypress trees that provide privacy, warm water, natural pools and rock scenes as the postcard are the main advantages spas Saturnija. Thermal or hot Saturnija (Terme di Saturnia) represents a group of sources placed in the heart of Tuscany, municipality mancan ((ital. Manciano), county Groseto at several kilometers from the village Saturnija, which has about 280 population. Sources full “tub” of the options in the southeast part of the valley that stretches across the mountains Amiata, hills and rivers Fiora Albernja to the spa pink and Talamone. According to legend Eturaca and Romans themselves terme formed the lightning threw Jupiter.


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