Spel, the city of flowers … Italy ??

Spel, the city of flowers … Italy  

SPEL is located some 10 kilometers from Assisi, specifically in the southeast, in the Italian region of Umbria. It is located in the lower part of the mountain Subasio. Pink rocks of the mountains give the city a beautiful color. This settlement dates back to Roman times, and the city has managed to keep its rustic, medieval look. The remains of a Roman amphitheater and theater are still visible among the city walls. SPEL was once an important city, but is also known for the beautiful Festival “Le Infiorata di Spello” softkey artists gather on the streets Spela and exhibiting their works made of flower petals and inspired by religious motives, as well as motifs from everyday life. Celebration of “Le Infiorata di Spello” certainly is the most famous city custom. This unique event is a celebration of flowers, and Spel then turns into a veritable capital, floral. “Le Infiorata di Spello” is a festival in SPEL traditionally respected and celebrated every year in the 9th week after Easter. Before the feast of the local population is working hard on making floral carpets and pictures that represent various motives, religious or ordinary everyday in order to be ready for festival.Ta beautiful floral parade can sometimes be a long and incredible 3 kilomete


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