Special Ops Wife – 31

Shirley and Glen, after a few days alone in her work city went back to the ‘home’ city. They had a reunion with their son, and then he was off on one of his secret operations.

Olive and Zander appeared and took Zac.   Things were the basic normal for the next two days and then Shirley went back to her ‘work’ city with new exuberance.

And it struck her, as she rode the bus, that this was her life.  This was how it would be and she didn’t know if this was all she wanted.

Once she had thought of travelling, of getting more education, of doing something.   Now, this was it until when?  She was sixty?

There had to be another door in the wall.

Just as this job in another city allowed her to hand her child to her sister and go off to work, there had to be something else that made her want to live.


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Written by jaylar

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