Skip Bins vs Skip Bags: Which One's A Better Choice?

When it comes to managing wastes, it’s quite hard to look beyond the skip bin. All over the world, skip bins can be found in various sizes as well as types – from simple two-metre cube ones to gigantic six-metre cube ones.

However, in recent years there’s been another competitor that has taken the waste management industry by storm, and that is skip bags. Thus, in this article guide, we’ll be decoding the differences between the two and which one should be your pick when considering for skip bin hire in Brisbane services.

The Differences Between Skip Bags & Skip Bins

1. Access To Different Range Of Sizes

When you’ll be planning to hire a skip bin, you’ll be greeted with several different sizes. This means that you can opt for skip bins either for small-sized cleanups or large-sized ones. However, when it comes to skip bags, you’ll simply not have the same kind of options beside you, as skip bins only come in sizes capped at a three-metre cube measurement.

So, in case you plan to opt for skip bags, you’ll not have many options to choose from, which will directly affect your operations. Moreover, this also denotes that skip bags are not so great for large-scaled uses, which will limit the number of wastes you can put inside a skip bag. This itself makes skip bags not so versatile and thereby will only cater to a small group of audiences.

2. The Build Quality

Talking about the overall build quality between the two, skip bins are generally made from steel – making them strong and can sustain a lot of damage in the process. This means that you can use it for any purposes you like (for waste management) and it won’t falter. Furthermore, since steel is resistant to rusting, it can last for a long time and will not be much affected by external components.

On the other hand, skip bags are entirely made from woven material, making them susceptible to tearing when loading or unloading them. Aside from that, skip bags will last a lot less compared to skip bins and will be affected by external components including insects. Such caveats make skip bags much less reliable to work with and thereby a major hassle as well.

3. Overall Cost Included

When you factor in the overall durability of skip bins compared to skip bags, you’ll easily find out that it’s much cheaper to obtain a skip bin in the long run than investing in skip bags again and again. In addition to that, using skip bins means that you’ll also be moving towards a sustainable environment.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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