Seeking Battery Replacement for iPhone6

Monday, 8.24.20

I spent all morning trying to contact Apple as well as stores that work with Apple to buy battery replacements. Earlier this week, I noticed the center area, on the left side of my iPhone6 had slightly popped out. I researched it on the internet, and a youtube video described the same issue, stating it has to do with a “swollen battery.” The remedy is battery replacement. So, I have been contacting Apple online as well as local stores. The stores, Best Buy and Micro Center, in my area don’t do Apple Battery Replacement. One local shop does, but they are booked, and they noted that I would need to make a reservation with Apple first. The Apple Stores are closed, but I think I would need a reservation for that, too, anyway. So, I have to call Apple online or 800 number daily, hoping and praying for some cancellation and opening. 

Although my iPhone6 still works, and there is nothing wrong with my iphone, I am still not going to use it because I am afraid this swollen battery might make it go bad. 


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