Schoolhouse Rock: Money – Tax Man Max Music Video


The grandsons came again today. They were all about what they learned this morning at school. This one video was what they learned about taxes. On their way to  my home they noticed several potholes on the freeway. (Utah winters and roads don’t seem to work. We need different engineers.)

They began with the questions. “Do you pay taxes?  How much to do you have to pay? Why don’t they fix the roads? Who gets to decide how much? and on and on.”

It was a little overwhelming and I need to pull a tactic out of my bag of possible solutions! I decided that I would go with “DEFLECTION”

I provided them proper paper that they could write on and had them write to their congressmen (state and federal with all their questions. They were enthusiastic and hopeful. I explained they most likely would not receive a response. When the youngest one asked why the older one replied, “all they care about is that they get their money.”

Then they both turned to me. “Well, lets get these in the mail and give it a go.”

I wonder if I made the right choice.

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