Rereading Nineteen EightyFour – Part III Chap 1 (3)

Winston, alone in the dark cell,  heard boots, the steel door open and a young officer entered, motioned to the guards outside to bring in another prisoner.

This was the poet Ampleforth.

Ampleforth began to wander up and down the cell. He didn’t see Winston.   Winston was afraid to call to him because of the telescreen, but eventually got the courage.

‘Ampleforth,’ he said.

There was no sound from the telescreen. Ampleforth paused, mildly startled. His eyes focused themselves slowly on Winston.

‘Ah, Smith!’ he said. ‘You too!’

‘What are you in for?’

‘To tell you the truth — ‘ He sat down awkwardly on the bench opposite Winston. ‘There is only one offence, is there not?’ he said.

‘And have you committed it?’

‘Apparently I have. I allowed the word “G od” to remain at the end of a line. I could not help it!’ It was impossible to change the line. “


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Written by jaylar

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